What is it?

It’s the quickest possible route from the decision to work in a chosen target country to selling your products or services.

Who is it for?

It is designed for the companies which are ready to sell their products or services in a new market. It is only for forward-thinking company owners and CEOs who are very motivated to achieve revenue growth as quickly as possible and market domination locally, regionally and globally.

How do we do it?

We do it differently than the average company selling average products with average sales staff. We outsell any competition in our client’s chosen country based on the talent of our outstanding marketing and sales team.

Why is it different?

Key Anatolia differentiators are:

  1. We work only with motivated company owners and CEOs.
  2. We never give up and keep working until the deal is closed.
  3. We are the best sales outsourcing and sales closing company.
  4. We create and execute a unique marketing and sales strategy.
  5. We work until our clients are fully satisfied.
  6. We work and can succeed in any global market.
  7. We are a pleasant partner to work with.
  8. We guarantee project success.

What does it include?

The Anatolia Total Market Penetration Solution consists of the following steps:

  1. Market review report
  2. Product or service adjustment process
  3. Prospect database
  4. Phone prospecting
  5. Prospect preselection
  6. “Meet the Buyer” events
  7. Supplier support process
  8. Closing of the sale
  9. Storage/Warehousing Services
  10. Distribution Services

Steps in detail:

  1. Market review report

Based on our client’s product or service, we do a pre-screening of the chosen market, evaluate the competition and come up with a winning sales strategy.

  1. Product or service adjustment process

Based on the information gathered, we do a reshaping of the initial marketing and sales material provided by our client and clearly outline the advantages and benefits for the prospects we are targeting.

  1. Prospect database

We preselect our target companies and their key decision makers so that the marketing and sales process that follows is targeted to them very precisely.

  1. Phone prospecting

Our expert cold callers conduct intensive pre-sales of your offer in the target market to prepare for the next step in the Anatolia marketing and sales process.

  1. Prospect preselection

Anatolia preselects only motivated cooperation partners as potential buyers of our clients’ products.

  1. “Meet The Buyer” events

These events are prepared by Anatolia’s experienced project team and are a very important step in completing the Anatolia’s marketing and sales closing process. The goal of Anatolia’s “Meet The Buyer” events is to identify the most promising buyer of our client’s products, services or solutions.

  1. Supplier support process

The next step in our unique process is follow-up work for our clients. This means a scheduled follow-up on every lead we have found for our clients and every initial contact identified from the start of the project. Buying decisions take different amounts of time for different buyers and Anatolia’s task is to find and work on every contact for the maximum benefit of our clients.

  1. Closing of the sale

This is the final step in the Anatolia Total Market Penetration Solution, the most challenging one. We offer to close sales for you so that you can invest your time in other markets or projects. We are sales closing professionals working for your benefit and interests as quickly as possible.

With regard to the Anatolia Total Market Penetration Solution’s individual steps/services, we encourage you to contact us so we can offer either a complete Anatolia Total Market Penetration Solution (as above) or just several separate steps according to your request and your chosen strategy for target markets.


We offer to deliver detailed market research for technical product or service sales in the fields of defense, High-Tech, IT, energy, environment, agriculture, consumer, construction etc. in USA and South America. Anatolia ensures that our customers receive all the information they need to make informed decisions based on our market research, which is specifically tailored to the needs of our clients.

If you would like to know the price level and a detailed description of any competing products in the chosen market, Anatolia is here to help you.


The sales process, to be effective, must be planned and organized in detail from start to finish. Anatolia has developed a proven sales process that can be duplicated over and over again, also providing a sales plan that includes new and existing business acquisition strategies and tactics.

Based on Anatolia’s sales plan, our partners can acquire new customers and new market share. As an outsourced sales service provider, we deliver results for our clients’ companies for mutual success.


Anatolia provides customized databases, including the direct contact details of key decision makers. Placing a strong emphasis on all industries, these databases are an invaluable asset for promoting your products and services in USA and South America.

Our agency creates key business account lists for mailing, telemarketing, and e-mailing. A contact database prepared by Anatolia will help you get excellent results in marketing by providing high precision, custom-made marketing lists.


Anatolia can compile a database of the ten most important potential customers for your particular product or service in USA and any of the South American countries, and deliver a powerful sales message on behalf of your company to the key decision makers whose company might be a potential buyer. Anatolia acts as a qualified and authorized sales agent for any client. The sales message and the product presentations are introduced in a tailor-made way that can deliver tangible results based on our previous successful experiences. This service can significantly save the time and costs of our clients’ business travel expenses to USA and South American Countries.


If you are looking for business partners in USA and South America, or if you wish to start or expand your business using agents, distributors, importers, exporters or suppliers, Anatolia can help you find reliable business partners in USA and South American Countries.

Anatolia’s key account database will simplify the process of searching for a business partner. We offer to pre-sell company products and services to our clients so that the prospective partner is interested in your products and solutions by knowing about the key benefits of working with your company.


These events are prepared by Anatolia’s experienced project team and are a very important step in completing the Anatolia marketing and sales closing process. The goal of Anatolia’s “Meet the Buyer” events is to identify the most promising buyer of our client’s products, services or solutions.


Anatolia acts as an outsourced sales team and we close the sale for your company.

We create long-term partnerships that add value through a combination of high quality day-to-day support, expert project delivery and well-considered strategic advice.

In short, our combination of people, process and technology ensures that we deliver a fast, exceptionally reliable and unusually accountable sales service to our clients. Above all, we focus on what matters to our clients: delivering sales results.

Anatolia’s customers are outsourcing sales functions to us that can be done more effectively and efficiently based on our knowhow and experience.

Why Sales Outsourcing is the RIGHT solution to increase your sales:

  • Lower your risks and increase the ROI of your sales investments
  • Our professional management saves you time and eliminates training and turnover costs
  • We free up your resources to focus on what you do best and leave the sales to us
  • Streamlined complete sales process management including lead generation
  • Our industry experts and experience open doors otherwise unavailable to you

Building a Successful Sales TEAM Isn’t Easy.

  • You need an experienced sales team to find the right markets, message and media
  • You need a tested strategy, knowhow and plan to get to your markets and exploit them
  • You need to find sales leaders who can sell your products and services
  • We provide the sales executives, the experience and the plan

Anatolia offers the following benefits of Sales Outsourcing

  • Rapidly implement a proven sales strategy and team
  • Penetrate and exploit new markets quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce cost-of-sales from salaries, benefits and travel
  • Find the best formula for sales with an iterative approach
  • Leverage the latest sales methods and tools
  • Direct accountability – No excuses, just increased sales


Anatolia’s Outsourcing solutions have become a significant part of many companies’ “go-to-market” and “closing the sale strategy, and they are transforming companies’ internal sales and marketing organization. Companies who have embraced Sales Outsourcing are building a sustainable competitive advantage.

Sales Force Outsourcing can:

  • Speed the launch of a product or service to market
  • Enable a company to cost-effectively expand into new markets
  • Reduce sales cycle times
  • Accelerate revenue growth
  • Capture missed opportunities
  • Reduce sales and marketing costs

Anatolia offers customized and scalable sales solutions. We strive to become your partner, not just a vendor. And, most importantly, Anatolia is a company with a track record of delivering real, sustainable and profitable revenue growth.


Depending on the specific needs of your company and the available financing tools, an individual and unique cooperation model that is acceptable for both cooperation partners is created by Anatolia. The following basic principles apply for all contracts.

  1. The cooperation contract is signed for a defined period of time, clearly stating the scope of the obligations undertaken by Anatolia.
  2. A new sales plan is prepared by Anatolia for the marketing of your products or services.
  3. The implementation of the sale may be outsourced to Anatolia.
  4. Anatolia’s partners may freely choose the services that are required out of the overall portfolio of our services.
  5. We are not commission-based sales agents. The fee for Anatolia’s services is mutually agreed on and is based on the agreed scope of work and the overall objectives to be reached in a target country.
  6. For the duration of a signed contract, all the information exchanged by both parties is confidential.

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