Structured Fınance

Structured Finance

Structured finance is instrumental to ensuring capital efficiency. In addition to devising a capital structure strategy for our clients, both on a consolidated level as well as within a group, we help them restructure their balance sheets in complex areas of finance such as securitization, customer & supplier financing, and leasing. Not only do we advise on how the different structured finance solutions are best tailored to the needs and characteristics of the company. We also take an integral role in implementation, where we act as an intermediary between the client and the banks.

Our belief is that structured finance solutions should not be viewed in isolation with a strict focus on the effects on the finance net or the balance sheet. Equally important, we would argue, is to use structured finance solutions as a way of supporting the operational business. Successful implementation of customer finance and supplier finance solutions are just two examples where financial ingenuity can drive your core business. The potential value created from these setups can be substantial.

In corporate finance we focus on transaction support, where we offer full-range advisory services to buyers and sellers as well as to the target company in conjunction with M&A deals. Of course, we can also assist merely in sub-areas of a deal-making process if requested, such as financial due diligence and corporate valuations..

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