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Streamline Your Small Business’s Sales Strategy

By bridgetwpollack, Guest Blogger

Published: May 7, 2015Updated: May 7, 2015

Developing strong sales and customer loyalty can be a difficult, time-consuming endeavor. Without an effective strategy, even a promising company can fail. The task need not be overwhelming though; practice and most importantly, passion, will help you close more deals. Here are some resources to make your sales process as smooth as possible.

Embrace your inner salesperson

Most of us are not born sales people, but once you become familiar with the techniques, selling will become a natural part of owning a business. In “Expert Tips for Sales and Customer Loyalty,” an interview with SCORE mentor Steve Engelhardt, he explains how small business owners should treat each sale as an opportunity to gain the next sale and earn a loyal customer.

If you believe in your product and respect people, customers will appreciate your sincerity, and they might reward you with more business. Keeping customers satisfied leads to more sales.

Find your customer

Before you can create loyal customers, you must first find them. Did you know 39% of salesstill originate from outbound marketing, such as telemarketing? Keep in mind that sales calls demand time, and not all leads become sales:

Every 30 dials leads to 1 conversation
Every 3 conversations lead to 1 appointment
Every 3 appointments lead to 1 opportunity
The key to success is consistency and persistence. See this month’s SCORE infographic “B2B Sales Calls” to learn more about reliable sales techniques.

Update your sales methods

A growing trend of nontraditional sales techniques are hitting the streets. In the online workshop “Pavement-Pounding Strategies to Generate More Sales,” entrepreneur and SCORE Mentor P. Simon Mahler recommends going outside and meeting customers face to face. He offers unique ideas to stand out in today’s advertising-saturated world.

One approach uses the entire small business team not just a sales person. Employees wear shirts with the company logo and interact with neighbors. The shirts encourage brand recognition and team spirit.  He suggests even handing out decals; you want to show how your small business is unique.

Mahler says no matter the method, your sales strategy should not revolve around closing the next deal but about nurturing and caring for those around you. Being helpful builds customer loyalty. Develop personal relationships, engage with the community, and sales will follow.

Each small business must determine the best sales plan based on their product or service and the size of their sales team. A SCORE mentor well-versed in your industry can help you strategize and ultimately gain more customers.


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