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Wonderıng how you can promote your busıness wıthout spendıng money?

Startup businesses are constantly thriving to get noticed in the market and reach their customers. Marketing becomes even more important for the growth of a startup. But how many of them have the budget required for marketing and promotion?

In a world where DIY and social media are increasing in popularity, marketing has become more accessible to startups and small businesses. It is now possible to build the online presence of a business even without any budget. If you are a business that requires a strong online presence, there are several methods you can adopt to build your business awareness without spending any money.

Firstly, make sure that your web design is user friendly. A good website will ensure lesser bounce rate. Your customers should be able to navigate through easily and find what they’re looking for. Having a good website is not enough if it doesn’t appear in the top searches on Google. Many businesses strive to be on the top of Google search, and spend thousands of dollars in doing so. But, there are many organic practices you can use to be known in the eyes of Google.

Ensure that the content on your website has a bunch of most searched keywords relating to your industry or business. Create content that is of interest to your audience and promote it by sending it out to journalists and new media. Content marketing is the way to go when building your online image. All of these tasks require time and effort, but do not require a huge marketing budget.


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