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we can help you set up your business as well as grow it….and we waste no time…

We can help you with any type of investor visa, wherever you are in the world, be it a NAFTA, Intracompany Transferee L1, Treaty investor E2, Treaty Trader E1, or EB5 VISA.

Get a revıew of your busıness plan by an ınvestor vısa expert

The business plan for immigration investor visa cases is not the same as the one for financing with a bank, venture capital, or angel fund. Our immigration experts will review it and make suggestions at no charge so that you get it right unless you want us to write it as well. When you are creating a start-up case for a Treaty Trader E1, Treaty Investor E2, Intracompany Transferee L1, or EB5 investor visa, a business plan is extremely helpful. It can emphasize all of the aspects of the case that require special attention. A 3-year financial projection is very useful. This is more the case where your company is a start-up or you an investing in a field in which you have no experience.

The E1 Visa
The E1 visa is for persons who deal in import-export with a treaty country. As we receive very few inquiries on that, we will only discuss the E2 at this time as the rest of the business principles are essentially identical.

The E2 Visa
The E2 visa allows you to invest in the U.S. by purchasing an existing business, a franchise, or creating your own. This means you must be investing or have already invested a substantial amount of money (which usually starts at only $100,000) into a company in the United States. If you like, we can refer you to a business broker who can help you locate a business, we can help you start your own, or you can invest in a franchise.

The L- Nonimmigrant Visa
If you own a business abroad that you plan on keeping, you may want to looking into an L-1 intracompany transferee visa. The L1 visa provides the added benefit of allowing you to pursue a Green Card after residing in the U.S. for one year, if that’s something that is of interest to you. If you have any questions about which visa may be better for your needs, feel free to call and we will brainstorm with you.

Many of you may be wondering whether family members will be able to accompany you to the United States if you are granted an E2 treaty investor visa. The answer is yes! Your spouse can even apply to work once you reach the U.S., and there are no restrictions as to what his or her work needs to involve. They may work for any company in any capacity, for as long or short an amount of time as they wish. If you have dependent children, they will also receive E-2 dependent visas, usually until they turn 21. Once they turn 21, if they wish to stay in the U.S. they will need to apply for a different visa in their own right.
E2 VisaRemember, your intent in coming to the United States with an E-2 treaty investor visa should be to grow your enterprise and create jobs here in the States. You will have to prove your company is capable of generating a substantial amount of revenue, not just enough money to support you and your family. You should provide a comprehensive business plan with your E-2 case, to prove your company will be able to generate a substantial amount of money. The business plan should include a SWOT analysis, marketing and advertising plans, as well as a 3 or 5-year financial projection. You can prepare one on your own and we will review it for free, or we can prepare one for you.

If you would like more information about eligibility requirements and the process of applying for an E-2 treaty investor visa, please contact us.

The EB5 Visa

To obtain an EB5  Visa, which serves as a conditional green card and can lead to citizenship, you must invest $500,000 to one million dollars in capital in the US, while creating at least 10 jobs for American workers, each at 30 hours a week, for two years. Capital indicates tangible investment elements, such as property, equipment, cash, cash equivalents, and inventory. However, startup costs do not count towards your total investment, and therefore cannot help you qualify for an EB5 green card.

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