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Global Effort Could Cut Ocean Plastıc Pollutıon by 77 Percent by 2025, Report

Capping plastic waste and improving waste management efforts in the top 10 polluting countries could lead to a 77 percent reduction in ocean plastic by 2025, according to a report presented at this week’s Ocean Plastics Crisis Summit.

“We have no right to harm the lives of other creatures by allowing plastics to get into the ocean,” said Brunel University London Professor and author of the report “Stopping Ocean Plastics: An Agenda for Action,” Edward Kosior. “This dire situation calls for strong immediate action to slow the rate at which waste is produced. We have to end this dig-use-discard mentality. Every package that’s made should be recyclable. There’s no excuse. It is a must for all.”

“Developed countries need to invest in developing countries with global support from the UN,” said Professor Kosior. “The global magnitude of the problem means it needs to be on the agendas of international leaders such as the G20 summits, UN Assembly and World Economic Forum.”

Some solutions set forth in the report include eliminating single-use plastics and offering incentives for container collection and recycling. Likewise, the report also suggests that richer countries should pay poorer countries to help get a handle on their plastic contamination.

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