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How to Introduce Your Brand

How to Introduce Your Brand New Company to the World ın 5 Easy Steps

Starting a new company can be nerve-wracking on many levels. For startups in particular, you’re probably worried about cash flow and investors, hours that you’re working, and employees—the same stuff as other companies but with the added bonus of often creating a brand-new product or service. So the challenges faced by startups when it comes to introducing themselves and creating buzz are a little different than those of a traditionally minded company.

Think about it: When the iPhone was developed, it wasn’t that Apple needed to convince everyone of the value of having a portable phone. It was that they need to sell an entirely new way of living and connecting. They were selling something that didn’t exist. The same is often true for many startups—so how do you identify the market that doesn’t even know that they need your product?

Use the ideas in this graphic to generate more ideas for startup buzz.




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