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How successful companıes predıct the future

Thıs ıs how successful companıes predıct the future

Have you ever wondered how a company could create a brand new product that catches on like wildfire? How a brand new app released into the App Store is suddenly adopted and downloaded by millions, even though your app has struggled to gain any traction?

How is it that great companies, incredibly quick, scaling startups, can pretty much predict the future and understand what their audience, their market wants before they even realize it?

It’s an easy answer.

It’s because they are simply solving a problem happening now with a solution that either didn’t exist or wasn’t providing as much value as their new solution implements.

That’s it.

That’s what predicting the future is all about.

Why is that such a difficult concept to grasp?

Why is it that so many established, multi-million dollar enterprises and thousands of early-stage startups alike, fail to understand this basic fundamental?

It’s because all of these companies and startups alike, focus on the wrong priority. They focus on their own egos or checking accounts by creating solutions to problems that we do not need to solve or worse, just iterate, fine-tune an existing idea may give an ounce more of value but won’t get anyone to ditch their current solution.

Successful companies can predict the future because they see a major problem, with an audience that is willing to pay good money for a better solution, and create it. They make solving the problem their only priority.

Here is the craziest part.

Those companies, startups and entrepreneurs focusing on the dollar only, they end up burning out without making much, if anything.

Meanwhile, the companies, the enterprises, the startups, the entrepreneurs predicting the future by solving real problems and use solving that problem as their main motivating factor, not only end up winning over their markets and the glory that come with it, but also, end up making the revenue and the profit that everyone else was chasing after.

The more value you put into the marketplace, the more money you bring back to yourself.

The reality is none of us can predict the future, however, we can take the time to figure out our biggest pain points and build/create solutions to them.

When you do, you’re the closest thing to a mind-reader, a fortune teller, and you’ll be looked at as one. We know the real secret, though, you’re just a company, an enterprise, an executor, an entrepreneur who knows a thing or two about being something that matters. That’s it.

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