Startup Fınancıal Solutıons

CFO-Level Guıdance for Startups and Early-Stage Companıes

Is it too early for you to hire a CFO, but a large financial or accounting project looms on the horizon? The consulting group at Early Growth Financial Services offers financial solutions and support on an as-needed basis.

If you have a short-term, finite financial project, our CFO consulting services are customized with startups in mind. Our seasoned team will plan, manage, and execute individual projects – freeing up your time to concentrate on business-critical functions.

The Process

All CFO projects follow a process that ensures consistency and quality:
– Project objectives are defined
– The CFO determines project requirements and defines deliverables
– The CFO works with you to build a project plan and schedule
– You approve timeline and dependencies
– Project plan is executed
– You get back to business with your existing team

Early Growth Financial Services offers a range of outsourced CFO consulting services for startups, including:
– IPO preparedness
– Audit preparation
– Conversion to accrual accounting
– Internal control and infrastructure
– Revenue recognition
– Accrual accounting
– Merger and acquisition (M&A) support
– Company wind down and dissolution

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