9 Inıtıal Steps to become a Global Broker


Global Business Brokers is permanently looking for the best professionals and capable applicants for Masters and Franchisees in any part of the world.To become our franchise partner you have to follow the following 9 simple steps:
1 – Check our Franchise Website

While you navigate through this website you will find basic information about our company. Reviewing this information will enable you to understand who we are, what we do, where we do it and how we do it.

2 – Request more Information

If the available information is not enough for you and you have enhanced your interest for us, you may complete our Request Information Form online

3 – Send us your Franchise Application Form

Formalise your interest by sending us a franchise application. After we receive your Franchise Application form completed by you it will be analysed by one of our specialised franchise consultants and you will be contacted within three working days. You will receive our financial and technical information as well as our franchise conditions.
Virtual Organizations:
Central office contracts sales, production and distribution through other companies or representatives in a variety of cities, maintaining contact by fax, phone, e-mail and Internet

4 – Visit our Headquarters and our Team

We are pleased to invite you to visit our Headquarters. You will have the chance to meet us and to further analyse the Global franchise business opportunity.

5 – Sign a LOI (Letter of Intent)

After we validate your franchise application and in order to secure your position as a franchisee in the chosen territory we will sign a LOI.

6 – Analyse the Franchise Agreement

We analyse the clauses in the franchise agreement until we clarify all terms.

7 – LOI and Training at our Headquarters

After signing the LOI we will schedule 5-day training at our Headquarters in USA.

8 – Franchise Agreement

We will sign the Franchise Agreement during the training period at our HQs.

9 – Analyse the Franchise Agreement

After completing training you are officially part of our M&A consultant’s network. All business stationery and marketing material is prepared for printing, and after printing is completed you are ready to begin your Global Business Brokers office and start your BB, M&A and Corporate Finance operation.

It should not take more than 2 months from the point you send us your Franchise Application Form until the time you’ll come for training at Global HQs and become an official Global Partner.

Submit your application NOW, and join the Leading International Network of Business Brokers, M&A and Corporate Finance.

Global Franchısıng Oportunıty

We are permanently looking for the best and capable applicants for International Masters and Franchisees in any part of the world.

The ideal Global franchise partner is a banker, businessman, consultant, lawyer, tax advisor and entrepreneur in one person.

The major qualities our Franchise Partner needs to have are: solid knowledge in financial affairs, experience in business administration, commercial and negotiation skills, independent working capabilities, excellent communication means, very good knowledge in English, teamwork experience and he must be able to work independently and needs the initiative and capability to solve problems.

If you the above qualities or if you are currently an M&A Intermediary or Business Broker, or you want to become one, we are interested to meet with you.

We offer the following benefits to our Partners:

  • Membership in an international network of professionals with wide experience in M&A and Business brokerage Access to tested methodologies and specialised tools in order to provide tailor-made and value-driven solutions to clients
  • Access to one of the fastest-growing networks in the world with exceptional international Partners and their seller, buyer and project databases, as well as to a huge flow of knowledge and exchange of opportunities
  • Partnerships with international private equity and real estate investment funds, investment banks, economic groups, etc.
  • Initial and continuous training and support in marketing and sales activities, consultancy, evaluations and business broker related know-how and software
  • Regular Partner meetings and annual International Conventions

Traınıng and Support

Global believes that training and support is a success key for our partners and co-workers, both for their own development and personal growth as well as to protect our extraordinarily high quality standards worldwide.

When a new partner joins Global, he and his co-workers are automatically invited to an intensive, initial training program of 5 working days at the Global Headquarters. This program intends to give the new partner a big picture of M&A, BB and Corporate Finance processes in a theoretical and practice approach, as well as cooperation within the network and working with Global’s unique project and prospect software.

The training plan includes all necessary content to prepare new partners to begin producing results, focusing on Global methodology and its exclusive tools:

  • Introduction to BB, M&A and Corporate Finance
  • Negotiation Techniques
  • Recasting and Business Valuation
  • Seller and Buyer/Investor Management
  • Marketing
  • Standards of Care
  • Software, Intranet, Databases

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