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Help Your Small Busıness Grow

4 Ways to Help Your Small Busıness Grow Like it or not, your business's expenses go up a bit each year. To stay profitable, your business needs to grow so it can absorb those increases. Here are four things you can do to keep your small business growing. It’s a simple objective but difficult to

The Rıches Are ın the Nıches

The Rıches Are ın the Nıches About five years ago, I was doing consulting for a business coach who launched a new course about business niches; trying to narrow down your product and target audience until it was as defined as possible. The idea behind niching is that it helps you paint an unambiguous picture

Do The Thıngs That Don’t Scale

Do The Thıngs That Don’t Scale Can we scale it? Well, does it scale? How would you do it at scale? You hear it all the time, especially in technology startups. Scaling, scaling, scaling. Companies are making decisions based on whether or not they have a way to make it scalable. I want to present

Learn to Be a Busıness Leader?

Can Anyone Learn to Be a Busıness Leader? Great leaders are born, not made. That saying has tumbled through our culture for generations, seeping into our psyches and telling most of us that we just aren’t good enough – because we weren’t born that way. Fortunately, that saying just isn’t true. The fact is there

Sell to the Bıg Guys

How a Bottom-Up Approach Can Help You Sell to the Bıg Guys Enterprise sales reps typically have taken a top-down approach, talking to C-level executives since they’re the gatekeepers of the budget. But in the last decade, we’ve seen a shift to a bottom-up model that puts employees first and empowers them to encourage company-wide

Your Home-Based Busıness

3 Strategıes to Get More Done ın Your Home-Based Busıness Running a business from home may seem like a truly flexible option, but it also comes with its share of distractions. From that stack of dirty dishes in the sink to your dog constantly begging at your feet and for that special, four-letter word —

Real-Tıme Customer Servıce

4 Ways to Delıver Faster Real-Tıme Customer Servıce In today’s mobile society, consumers have come to expect instant service. Thirty-two percent of customers who complain about a brand through social media expect a response within a half hour, and 42 percent expect a response within an hour. When it comes to phone service, two-thirds of customersare only

How to Double Your Company

How to Double Your Company’s Growth Every Sıngle Month On one of our latest episodes of #thePawdcast, we were joined by Simon Payne. Simon’s track record speaks for itself. As a serial entrepreneur, he has grown companies to reach over one hundred and fifty employees worldwide, with over $38,000,000.00 in venture capital raised. He’s well-respected, well-spoken, and

Early-Stage Momentum

5 Strategıes for Buıldıng Early-Stage Momentum Anyone who’s starting a business has no doubt been informed of this scary statistic: More than half of all startups fail to survive past year four. Unless your goal is to get rich in less than four years and then call it quits, it’s important to develop a plan for defying

Meanıngful Collaboratıons

Establıshıng Meanıngful Collaboratıons as a Small Busıness Strength in numbers – often the key to success when looking to get by in a competitive sector. One of the most important lessons every small business owner learns along the way is that going it alone can be tricky. However strong you are on your own, you’re

Makıng a Success Story

Makıng a Success Story Isn’t as Easy as Most Make You Thınk Most do not realize the amount of work, dedication, and purpose that goes into something to be recognized by the outside world as a success. For almost everyone on the outside, they will only see one thing and one thing only: the result.

5 Steps to Smart Workıng

5 Steps to Smart Workıng With all the possibilities that new technologies offer, work nowadays is all about being smart and less about being hard. But what does it mean to work smart? Smart Working is not just a cliché that people use as a slogan to justify working less hours. In fact, Smart Working

Nostalgıa Sabotage Your Busıness

Don’t Let Nostalgıa Sabotage Your Busıness “Hey, just wanted to follow up on my previous message. Would love to connect when you have a moment” I had tried for days to get this guy to respond to me. We had exchanged some emails early on; then he went quiet which was holding up a business

How to Introduce Your Brand

How to Introduce Your Brand New Company to the World ın 5 Easy Steps Starting a new company can be nerve-wracking on many levels. For startups in particular, you’re probably worried about cash flow and investors, hours that you’re working, and employees—the same stuff as other companies but with the added bonus of often creating

Your Sales Success

Your Sales Success Depends on These 4 Data Poınts You’ve heard about the importance of data-driven insights and you likely already use data to inform prospecting, but if you’re like most salespeople, you know you can take it one step further. Today, establishing relationships with customers and creating personalized experiences (hello account-based sales) is vital to

Legal Tıps for a Successful Company

Legal Tıps for Launchıng a Successful Company There’s a lot to think about when you’re starting a business. You need to create a business plan, get a small business loan, raise enough capital, figure out all of your processes and so much more. While you’re getting all of your ducks in a row, you need

How successful companıes predıct the future

Thıs ıs how successful companıes predıct the future Have you ever wondered how a company could create a brand new product that catches on like wildfire? How a brand new app released into the App Store is suddenly adopted and downloaded by millions, even though your app has struggled to gain any traction? How is

How to work more producıvely

How to work more productıvely from home There are a lot of perks to working remotely. That’s a different blog post to share entirely. That said, often times when I share with anyone that I work remote, I am asked this question almost immediately… How do you stay productive? It’s a fair question. For those

Six Things You Should Do

A simple guide for startups, to consider, before you begin with coding, building, marketing and selling Products, services, delivery-, wholesale- or resale-businesses, software as a service, subscription based models — all business models have one thing in common: they are about a market that demands something, and this market consists of people. Which means whatever you are

Socıally Responsıble Fırms?

Do Regulators Go Easıer on Socıally Responsıble Fırms? What does a for-profit company gain by investing in social or environmental responsibility? One answer is reputation. Customers may react more positively to a socially responsible firm; so might potential hires. But a new working paper suggests that customers and employees aren’t the only ones who can

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